Bifocals are a handy way to have clear vision for both distance and reading in a single pair of eyeglasses.

5 Helpful Hints in Getting Used To Bifocals:

  • Make sure the glasses are adjusted to your face.
  • Give yourself time to adapt to them (about 1 week).
    • Wear them at home and in non-stressful situations.
    • Do not drive while wearing your new eyeglasses until you have become familiar with wearing them.
  • The line will be the hardest to adapt to.
    • Look above or below the line, never through it.
    • Move your eyes up and down to look around the line.
    • Move your head and bend your neck as little as possible.
  • When stepping off curbs or walking on stairs, bend your head down and look over the line. If you don’t, your feet will be blurry and you may trip.
  • Practice with your new glasses.
    • Sit and watch a TV program while looking over the line.
    • Switch to a book in your lap and look under the line to read.

Bifocals are like new shoes. Just as you break in shoes over days and weeks, you may need to do so with new glasses.