Care of your Eyeglasses

Lens care is important because

    • Eyewear is a financial investment. More importantly, it’s an investment in your eye health
    • Improper care damages lenses, resulting in scratches, hazing, and peeling coatings.
    • Damaged lenses affect vision and may cause eyestrain
  • Cleaning Your Lenses
    • Never wipe your lenses when they are dry.
    • Wash the lenses to clean off dirt and grease.
    • Use liquid eyeglass cleaner and/or plain water.
    • Rinse your lenses off under running water.
    • When they are clean, wipe them with tissue or a lint-free cloth.
    • DO NOT use paper products or clothing
    • DO NOT use glass cleaners, household detergents, or household soaps
    • DO NOT place glasses face down on the lenses
  • Screws
    • Keep the screws on your glasses’ frame tight.
    • If the screws become loose, you can lose a lens from your glasses.
    • Have someone where you had your eyeglasses adjusted tighten the screws or an eyeglass screwdriver set and tighten the screws regularly yourself.
  • Removing Glasses
    • ALWAYS use two hands to take your glasses off your face. Using one hand twists the frame and will cause frames to become maladjusted.
    • Keep your glasses in your case when you are not using them.
  • “Transition” or “Photogray” Lenses
    • Priming the lenses before first use helps them to darken as fast as possible.
    • To prime lenses you may:
    • Use extreme cold temperature; put the glasses in their case. Then put the glasses and case in freezer for 30 minutes, or
    • Set the glasses in bright sunlight for about an hour.

If your lenses or frame become chipped or break, do not attempt to repair on your own. This could void any warranty you may qualify for.