Compete pair of glasses available
Starting at only $125

Our Optical lab is able to make same day glasses with Single Vision Prescription.

*All Lenses include Anti-reflective coating and are made of 1.56 high index CR-39 Plastic. Availability depends on your specific Rx and if it is in stock.*

20% OFF second pair

After purchasing a pair of glasses with our office, you are now part of our family! We appreciate your confidence in our quality eye care and eye care products. You can be assured your eyewear is the finest quality available.

You may be considering prescription sunglasses or a second pair of eyewear for dress, casual, sportswear, etc. Our patients are entitled to a 20% SAVINGS on a second pair if purchased within 90 days of your prescription eyewear purchase.

A Better You

Eyewear is a complex category especially when living in Alaska. It’s as much personal as it is prescription and lifestyle choices. And a lot goes into every purchase. It can be overwhelming and sometimes even intimidating.

Today, Alaska is very tough in the specialty shopping experience; residents pay extra to ship or exchange, they often don’t have what you need online and they don’t have your back if you need help with a warranty or replacement.

We’re different; we stand for more than just eyeglasses. We’re not only here to help improve your vision. We’re here to improve your confidence. We’re here to go above and beyond, to exceed expectations . We strive for an excellent shopping experience and high quality products and services with the best values and selection in the industry. We offer designer and exclusive brand frames, lenses, sunglasses and accessories.

Centralized in-store Lab Support

The Ketchikan Eye Care Center features an in-house lab. In many cases, many of our eyeglasses can be made within the same day as purchase, though some prescriptions or specialty lenses still require processing beyond the ability of our in-house lab.

For those cases in which your prescription cannot be made in-house, the Ketchikan Eye Care Center utilizes laboratories in both Tacoma Washington and also Rochester New York. Each lab uses state-of-the-art optical-processing equipment to best meet the needs of our community when in-house production is not available.

We are committed to providing this superior lab support for all of our glasses in-house or lab processes. Producing eyewear in our store and in our off-site network of labs ensures that we control cost and quality, which translates into value of our customers. All jobs processed through our lab are closely tracked and go through a 5 point quality-control inspection to ensure correct and optimum delivery services.

Free Lifetime Cleaning and Adjustments

When you walk out the door, we’re just getting started. For the life of your glasses, we’ll replace nose pads, missing screws, clean your glasses and make any other comfort adjustments. All at no charge to you, ever.